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ZEE ALY - Emerging Content Creators to Watch in 2023

By : Ronak Parekh   /   20 Jan 2023  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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Zee Aly is an idol to many and is famously known as theuntamedlenss on Instagram. Her fan following is massive due to the type of witty content she generates on the gram. Zee had her B.A. and a master's degree in journalism. She managed to secure a job in reputed companies in the corporate sector but soon realized that working from 9-5 was not her cup of tea. Monotonous life kills the vibe of this young girl, and She soon discovers her true passion for acting. Before the lockdown, she quit her job and became a full-time content creator.

Zee was forever a massive fan of the craft of acting. Earlier, with one of her cousins, she started a channel where they would post on the comedy genre, mainly in the Hyderabadi dialect. Later they shut down that project, but the passion for continuing acting stayed. Later, her friend asked her to feature in the Hyderabadi Diaries channel. This incident strengthened the actor in her and helped her to carve her future path.

She lets us know that selecting the comedy niche was vital as it grabs the most attention on the internet. She wants her audience to come across her content that can make them forget about the worries of life. Topics that are relevant, relatable, and natural are her favorite topics. She, without fail, posts the content regularly on her channels. Her consistent, sincere efforts were recognized by her audience immediately, and the love she poured upon her was immense. Her family showed full support at all given times.

She believes that her popularity lies in the audience interacting with her through the comments, not just through likes. Zee is always vigilant about new trends and how to implement them through a minute reel. Some ideas which may seem funny to her may not necessarily be funny to the viewers, and that is where the anxiety factor kicks in. She knows this phase is crucial to stay consistent and re-consider the videos before publishing them on social media.

Zee recently got featured on OTT web series called MODERN LOVE HYDERABAD. She and her friend have started a brand called HYDROSTANN which creates merchandise with witty one-liners. She looks after the production line of the merchandise business. This entrepreneurial journey took its flight in 2020. Zee is a firm believer in creating more quality content over quantity. She gives a lot of credit for her success to her spouse for all the love and support. Zee recently got hit on the internet for one of the reels on the mimicking Big Boss contestant Abdu Rozik went viral. She tries to manage her work and personal life equally. Her vision for her company is to make this merchandise available worldwide. Zee has learned a lot in her journey as a content creator that if she had the opportunity to go back, she could not think of any other niche, as the road she is on has taught her numerous life lessons.

Zee is sure that brands can quickly offer deals no matter what niche you choose as a creator as far as the content is invariably so good. It is just how one can showcase the material. Zee derives her source of inspiration from her father, who is in his sixties. His disciplined lifestyle makes Zee a better version of herself. Her life mantra is, Whatever happens, happens for the best. There is no point in stressing about things one can not control. 2023 will be a year filled with HUNGAMA for her viewers; she tells us this in her Deccani Accent. 


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