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Ukraine Issues Diplomatic Threat To India; Students Held As Leverage

By : Profectus Magazine   /   27 Feb 2022  /   News and Updates /   Latest News

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As the situation worsens in war hit Ukraine, the Indian government has evacuated more than 1400 students till now. Latest reports state that Indian students are sustained in a hostage-like situation at the Poland border by Ukraine.

In a report by the Times of India, the family of stranded students quoted that Ukrainian Immigration Officials aren’t letting Indians to cross the border.

“When your government has not cooperated with us, why should we cooperate with you,” they said. The situation gets more complicated, as many stranded Indian nationals have lost their passport and travel documents due to the chaos.

Most of the students held in a hostage like situation traveled to the borders in private vehicles as their parents insisted. Indian embassy in Ukraine had issued an advisory on 26 February asking Indians stay put wherever they were and move towards borders only after coordinating with the embassy. “All Indian Citizens in Ukraine are advised to not move to any of the border posts without prior coordination with Government of India officials at the border posts (helpline numbers established) and the Emergency numbers of Embassy of India, Kyiv,” the advisory read.

As situation on the borders of Ukraine are quite sensitive, the students should follow the embassy advisories. The embassy is relentlessly working with Indian embassies across the borders of Ukraine to complete the evacuation. The advisory added that, “Embassy is finding it increasingly difficult to help the crossing of those Indian nationals who reach border checkpoints without prior Intimation.”

Ukrainian Ambassador, Sergiy Kyslytsya indirectly threatened India, China and UAE (the countries who abstained their votes against Russia in UNSC), stating that they should’ve thought about their citizens in Ukraine. The Ambassador said, It is exactly the safety of your nationals in Ukraine that you should be the first to vote to stop the war to save your nationals in Ukraine, and not to think that you should vote or not vote.”

Using students as leverage to create pressure on India to be in favour, and turning away Indian citizens away from the border can be treated as war crime committed by the country under attack. While Indian government is conducting high-level talks on evacuation, netizen are angered over the hostage situation. Many urging Indian government to undertake this as a war crime and approach the International court of Justice.


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