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TIZOLA India’s Growing Delivery App

By : Profectus Magazine   /   24 Dec 2021  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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Meet Suresh Balasu, Founder of Tizola; India’s Growing Delivery App

Food is something that lifts our soul, there’s almost nothing that good food can’t fix. Food delivery apps like Tizola are boon for most foodies, founded by Mr. Suresh Balasu, Tizola is a popular food delivery app in the southern states of India.


Since his college days, Suresh always had a dream to be an entrepreneur but due to some family issues he started working in the print media post education. Later he joined a co-operative bank as a regional manager for some years.  But something was missing in his life, his dream to be an Entrepreneur wasn’t letting him adjust with his career. We remember Kabir from Yeh Jawani Hai Dewaani saying that ‘Kahin pauchne ke liye Kahin se nikal na padta hai’, which encouraged Suresh to chase his entrepreneurial dreams. Suresh left the bank job and to understand the ongoing market need from both ends he started working at restaurant and later as a delivery boy. Mahesh Karnati and Balusu Rajesh are the co-founders of Tizola. They have six years of experience in the Marketing, Insurance, and Hotel industries.

What makes Tizola different is, it’s small-town approach. Currently they are focused on tier two and tier three cities, which are the steering wheel of new India. Most of the people in these cities are going digital and want to try something new. This benefits the local restaurants in many ways and one of them is raw material availability.


At Tizola we are ready to introduce Tizola easy and Tizola VOS. Easy is for food lovers looking for food delivery to their prescribed location on a daily or monthly charge basis. While Tizola VOS (Vendor Ordering System), is designed especially for the restaurant owners looking to order raw material in bulk.

Tizola is India’s first ISO-certified food delivery app. The application is quite user-friendly for all age groups. For the benefit of the restaurant, Tizola works on a reverse commission basis, for example when you pay on any other app the money is deposited to the delivery service provider and it might take 10 days for the restaurants to get it. While at Tizola the money is directly paid to the owners and later Tizola collects its low commission.

Google News Suresh Balasu, Founder of India's Growing Delivery App TIZOLA

Delivery apps often charge extra money from the consumers for the same items that may cost less at the dine-in restaurants. Tizola delivers the food at the same cost that the restaurant charges, in addition, there are different offers for consumers.

During the pandemic, Suresh created the Chandamama foundation to help those in need. amid the first wave, they distributed more than 4600 hygienic meals to the virus-affected poor patients along with free medicines and oxygen concentrators. Suresh says that the next step for us in the foundation is to start food donation. Currently, we have more than 230 restaurants in collaboration with Tizola, we are working on a proposal to distribute excess food from these restaurants to the needy.

Suresh Balasu - Founder of TizolaDespite getting offers from the USA, France, and Dubai to purchase the company, Suresh has denied them all. Tizola aims to create employment and also inspire young entrepreneurs. Currently, the app is operational in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana but it soon prepares to go pan India.

Dreams come true when you never give up on them despite any problems. Success comes to those who are ready to pay the price for it, Suresh sold his one-acre land just to create funding for this project. It’s all about how to keep hustling


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