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The Millennial Business Woman - Mansi Gupta

By : Profectus Magazine   /   20 Jul 2022  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Women in Business

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Born to an ordinary business family in Jammu, who had their retail business in the northern part of India, young Mansi had all it took to be into business. Since childhood, she has been super fun-loving and has an outgoing personality. Little did she know that her pragmatic nature would take her to places she had never imagined. Her early schooling was in her hometown itself. She loved to explore places, meet new people; hence she decided to pursue her career in a business school outside her hometown and even had the opportunity to undergo M.B.A from Cardiff University, United Kingdom. She later decided to go for higher studies in the field of business from none other than the top-ranking B-school, The Wharton School, U.S.A. This exposure expanded her horizon in the business sector.

Leap of faith

Mansi was aware of her personality, that mediocrity always bored her. She wanted to switch careers but God being kind, had other enormous plans for her. She even worked with IBM for a short period post her higher education. She took a leap of faith and somehow stayed in the financial field and also studied in detail the economic conditions of India and the value of retail markets in India. She realized she wanted to do something out of the box.

Curosity over the name TJORI

Her curiosity led her to take a few more bold steps in that direction, eventually forming the brand TJORI, a name suggested by her friends who did all the magic. This name indicates the roots still embedded into the ethnic culture while giving it a modern touch. Additionally, this name could be easily recalled. Tjori is now a go-to brand for anyone who wants to peep into Indian traditions.


Tjori is an Indian brand that deals with ethnic apparel and wellness products. The brand ranks top in the global market for Indian products. This indigenous brand has left a mark worldwide. Mansi Gupta formed it in the year 2013. Before its launch, Mansi closely studied the Indian market to dive into customers' hearts. E-commerce was still a new trend back then in India. But she had all the courage and faith to make her dream come to reality. Being married is sometimes hard for a woman to do something of her own, but Mansi has shattered all sorts of stereotypes with her determination.

Overwhelming Response

Tjori, before its official launch, had decided to make a pre-launch sale in October 2012 for the U.S.A, and to everyone's surprise, the brand received nearly 250 orders on day one itself. Aahhh! That boost. Overwhelmed by the customers' love and support, Mansi and her small team kept working hard to fulfill their dream and eventually launched the brand in 2013. The first-quarter figures augured well for the company’s financial performance for that year. Mansi, at all times, has loved challenges that can keep her wits working. Her appetite to experiment and be relevant to her customer's hand in hand proved her brand more visible in the market.


Pandemic was the real test for all the business owners. Every part of the world was so severely affected. But luckily, the brand Tjori did not face many issues in the first lockdown imposed by the government of India. Still, in the second covid-19 Wave, Tjori faced troubles due to the collapse of the widespread network of artisans affected by the delta variant. However, the brand decided to do good work and provide covid essential products, which were much needed during that time. Mansi decided to add products of Ayurvedic origin to help people fight against the deadly virus. Mansi had times when she had to bring her toddler to the office for work. The second wave completely disrupted the human chain, which was available earlier. Mansi truly believes that Mother Nature has her own course to make us realize that we as humans are nothing compared to nature. This vital lesson about valuing human connections and relationships was learned in a very harsh manner indeed. Tjori did try to fulfill all the requirements for its customers in its capacities and limitations during the covid times. Mansi gives all credits to the team members who have diligently worked and sustained the brand in rough days.


When Mansi was asked about her long vision for the brand, Her eyes sparkled with excitement to inform on the far-fetched vision. Something exciting is progressing as the Brand strives for an Omni presence approach in the fashion industry.


Mansi was new to the city of Delhi when she started her brand. But owing to her personality, she built solid contacts with the help of her god-gifted networking skills. She made the brand Tjori as a single founder. Mansi aces her work life and her personal life. She thanks her family for having always supported her. Earlier, even when the idea of selling things online sounded crazy, it was the belief of her family members and loved ones that motivated her to keep going. She believes in the universe that grants all wishes if one wants them duly. In her opinion, every opportunity is an opportunity to grab and go for it

Words Of Wisdom

No hardship is so hard that it does not have any solutions. Every problem comes with a solution around it. It’s just the right ingredients needed to cook a success recipe in life. The critical approach of any entrepreneur is, being able to listen to feedback and criticism. Being attentive to the needs of the team, brand and customers will positively yield fruitful results. The success recipe differs from one person to another, but it is always the amalgamation of three essential qualities:

Patience, Consistency & Faith


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