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TEJAS PATIL - Emerging Content Creators to Watch in 2023

By : Ronak Parekh   /   20 Jan 2023  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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It is very surprising that in the world which is filled full of technology, how little do we know about it even though it stands as far away as from a click. Then comes certain influencers who guide you and clear up your stirring mind when it comes to technology. Tejas Patil is one such such tech influencer in India.

Tejas is himself an Engineer who has always stayed curious in most times of his life. Tejas was intrigued on how computers work when he was gifted one in his childhood. He stayed curious in and out around cell phone technologies from a very young age and used to dive into the setting panel to fetch for his answers. His friends played an important role in pointing to earn money from platform like youtube in 2015. He then created a YouTube channel just a day before his exams and posted some lame funny video on it.

Tejas with one of his friend stuck to the comedy genre for few years, as he started creating content on it he gained the knowledge of a good angle and scripts. Later he became independent and created his own channel where he used to post funny content. He even browsed and created  content on various genre but, he  soon realised this is not what he wants

During his college time he used to try different softwares in his newly acquired android cell phone and make a clean show off to his friends, that was the moment where one one the friend encouraged him to make  content on such topics as they were still unexplored by then.

He immediately decided to bring the plan into action. And to everyone’s surprise his content was a hit. That gave him so much confidence and he name his channel ELEMENTEC. The name is so unique and can be easily recalled. He use to come up with basic topics on technology which no one explained earlier. In 2021 he saw a massive rise of followers on his Instagram account. He never went after number of followers but the content. He truly believes the lines of Zakir Khan that Artists shall survive and influencers shall die.

He is always far sighted and looks at the bigger picture in the end even though it may be unclear in the start. His parents were a bit skeptical earlier about his journey but soon the faith was restored as he started receiving monetary benefits from the content he posted. He quit his job and is now full time tech influencer and has his own marketing agency. Tejas has always lived by the following lines ‘Trust the timing of your life’ and ‘Attitude changes everything’.

He guides the young content creators to keep posting meaningful content with the same spirit even when the algorithm ditches. He makes sure that the content knowledge which he provides is well researched and is not undertaken by other influencers. In 2023 , he wishes to reach out to as many as possible to share his hidden knowledge and make people smarter one content at a time. 


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