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‘Sewa Parmo Dharma’; From Providing Shelter to Raising Funds These Organizations Are Doing It All

By : Profectus Magazine   /   04 Mar 2022  /   News and Updates /   Trending

As the world watches humanity take another hit in the Russia-Ukraine war, there are some people selflessly working towards the survival of it. Keeping all the geopolitical reasons, east-west history of this ongoing military actions aside, we must focus on the fact that people who are most affected by this are innocent citizens of both the countries. One who are dealing with current invasion and the other who is worried about the future.

According to the European Union almost four million people may try to leave the war hit country. That means lakh of families being parted, as men from 16 to 60 years aren’t allowed to leave Ukraine. “We’re going to see more fathers handing children across to border guards in Poland,” quoted UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) spokesperson James Elder.

In such inhumane times, organizations like International Society for Krishna Consciousness and Sewa International have been selflessly working towards the mantra of ‘Sewa Parmo Dharma.’ From providing food, shelter to raising funds for them these organizations are doing it all.

Sewa International

Sewa International which is affiliated to Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh(RSS), has taken over 4000 students registered through its helpline. Currently operating in ten Ukrainian cities, Sewa International has helped in evacuation of 400 students. According to the organization, they have also released humanitarian aid of USD 10,000 for the refugee relief and raised funds through Facebook campaign to help people who are caught in this humanitarian crisis.

Arun Kakani, president of Sewa International said in a request that, ‘The messages and videos we are getting from the war zone show the fear, anxiety, and danger people are facing as they run to safety. As the global Sewa network rises to face this challenge, I request people to support Sewa International in this rescue effort.’

On February 26, Sewa International provided assistance to a group of 150 students to travel by bus from Vinnitsa to Chernovtsy. They also helped them out with shelter, food and transport upto the Romanian border.


International society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) opened up over 54 temples across Ukraine to serve anyone in distress. Radharamn Das, the vice-president of ISKCON said in a tweet that, “Our devotees and temples are committed to serving those in distress. Our temple doors are open for service.”

Radharamn said that along with Ukraine, ISKCON has started food relief of Indian students in Hungary too. The Indian Embassy in Hungary asked for their help Indian students stuck in the crisis.


Continuing a thread on twitter Radharamn Das said that, “In the past also, during the Chechnya war, our devotees served those in distress, especially old people who are stranded in their flats and no one is there to take care of them. Risking their life, the ISCKON devotees have reached out to people. Many have even died serving during the Chechnya war. The same spirit is there during these difficult times, and the devotees are working out how best they can serve people stranded in war zones in Ukraine.”

In these crisis situation, ISKCON devotees are serving others selflessly risking their own lives. Das said that everyone is afraid and disturbed, but we have prepared the temple for devotees.

Apart from these organizations, London based Khalsa Aid is also busy arranging langar for people traveling in trains to the European countries. When humanity is endangered, it can only be saved by selfless deeds and these organizations are a role model to it.


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