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From A Sales Agent to CEO Of Best Upcoming Security Agency

By : Profectus Magazine   /   14 Feb 2022  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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Meet Mr. Reji Rajan;From A Sales Agent to CEO Of Best Upcoming Security Agency

Today we face a different type of threats towards our valued possessions,machinery, or even identity. Protecting them isn’t usually in our hands, there comes experts like Terrain Protection Services Private Limited. With the experience of over 15 years in the security industry, Terrain Force is one of the leading agencies in Kerala.

Mr. Reji K Rajan, CEO of Terrain Force wasn’t always looking to make career into the security industry. Settled in Kochi, Kerala, Reji is a native of Thrissur village. Success is an outcome of the struggleandpassion, Reji’s father came to Kochi when he was just a ten-year-old kid. Started his journey in a small-scale candle manufacturing company which turned 45 years old recently. Apart from this, his family also owns the largest Jute bags manufacturing company along with some retail chains divisions.

Reji is basically a sound engineer, as his least interest towards languages lead him to choose BCA. Reji says, writing in a paper is suffocation for me, so I chose BCA as there was no language needed for it. But soon realized I should’ve done something in Business Administration.’

After completing his degree in 2005, Reji took his first job as a Direct Sales Agent for a stipend of 2300 rupees. Before setting afoot in tothe security industry, Reji had worked with prominent organizations like TATA Broadband, Reliance Industries limited (Petrocard Sales) and IngVysya Bank now known as Kotak Mahindra Bank.

He started his security career in G4S as an Assistant Sales Manager in Kochi. Within a year Reji was promoted as Manager of Sales in Kerala and following to that as a Regional Manager. Reji says, ‘I have always kept learning while working with G4S. Even when the company decided to restructure back in 2014, I was awarded with “The Best Performer in Kerala”.Those 6 years were a learning stage for me. Later I joined Pro Interactive India along with my mentor in the Security Industry Mr. Sujit Ganguly in 2014’

What makes a person successful is his thirst for new expeditions and a Self-learning attitude. With years of experience and learning, Reji decided to take a new expedition and begin his entrepreneurial journey. He left Pro Interactive and started his own firm ‘Capital Guarding Services Pvt Ltd’ along with his childhood friends Subin Sebastian and Sujith.

Reji quotes, ‘My father used to say that sit in the office and take the money why you need to take the risk? But nevertheless he always stood by my side.’

Due to some financial crisis in 2016, Reji sold Capital Guarding Services Pvt Ltd to UK-based Kingdom Services considering Director/Shareholder post.

Working under someone in the company you created isn’t satisfying, it’s like giving your kid to an outsider and babysitting it for them while they take all the yield. Being a Person who is always ready to take new challenges, Reji once again decided to embark his entrepreneurial journey. In 2021, Rejijoined Terrain Force as the Chief Executive Officer. It was a company started back in 2017 by two of his friends, yet they couldn’t cross a decentnumber. With the years of experience and learnings, Reji took the company to 380 from 88 guards within 3 months.

‘Maintaining relations isn’t easy, yet I have the advantage of 13 years of experience in the industry in Kerala. I learned from my past experiences, implemented new innovative ideas in Terrain which I wasn’t able to do back thenwith the MNC giant. My guards are still working with me ever since G4S days, all the past clients are excited to do business with me hereas that’s the kind of trust I have built. Those 13 years of bond-building yielded us with many contracts,’ says Reji.

Terrain Force is the first agency to have a mobile application known as ‘Trac’, where they can track the field officers and guards. Trac will keep their mobile under surveillance to know what their field guards are doing or talking. Additionally, it also provides a panic button for the guards for any combat situations. Apart from Security services, Terrain force provides event guarding, industry guarding, training, investigation services as background checks, confidential inquires, antecedent verification with the proper authorization from jurisdictional police station,Security systems as intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance, access control system, and fire alarm systems. 

Soon Terrain Force would expand its operations in the state of Tamil Nadu & Telangana, along with acquiring a security company in South India which would lead them to be a company with800-guard by the end of 2022. Recently Terrain Force received an award from CAPSI as “The Best Upcoming Company in Security Industry”at Chennai. Hon’ble Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Shri Rajiv Chandrasekharan has given certification to four guards from Terrain Force for completing JSS training successfully. Following PM Modi’s Jan SikshaSansthan, Terrain Force has train 60 guards that results in uplifting the skills.

Reji says, ‘The company which we are about to acquire is looking for someyoungsterswith good ideas and Terrain Force is best fit for their requirement. We are looking to close the deal very soon and if this happens 1000 guards will be the milestone we’d look to achieve. Investment is the main part of every business,especially the security industry won't flow huge fundsas it is a service industry. It’ll take time, as we move, we’ll learn. We have to grow and we have to do it fast. Getting business not only meansmanaging the new clients but also looking after the old clients, it should always go alongside. My target would be small but the aim is different. If we continue to upscale Terrain Force, then 1000 would be just a number.’

When asked about how He maintain a relation with client, Reji says that sometimes the client isn’t aware of any changes in government policies, or new rulesof security industry. They just look at the price and book services. ButI take time to educate the client on everything even if they aren’t giving me business. So whenever they look for security service, they’ll remember me. Building a bond always helps.

Brand impact is something every businessman needs to learn, after joining Terrain, Reji re-structured the whole brand from the logo to the working procedure. He created a brand impact and relations using his vital experience that generated a lot of incoming inquiries for the business.

When We asked Rejiabout the respect and deployment of Ex-Army personals in Terrain Force. He said, we deploy ex-army personnel only above the supervisor level having more than 10 guards under him. He’ll be a commanding officer, not a security guard. His experience of the army should be utilized of leading people. We feel instead of judging them, we should see the situation of the particular person. Earlier where I worked, 10 ex-armypersonnel were reporting to me, even today there are8 ex-army personnel in Terrain Force. I’m talking about from Subedar or Hawaladar level post. They are the pride of the nation and understanding their early routine in force, we allow them lead the team instead of offering them a guarding job.

Reji in his message towards the young entrepreneurs says that don’t just work for the money, let it come to you and enjoy your workdoing new things daily. Remember to look back where you’ve come from, what you’ve achieved so far. Service industry is not a money making industry. It requires lots of hard work and dedication. Building a Trust should bethe first priority and money will follow automatically.

From being a Direct Sales Agent on the field to being a Director & CEO of different companies, Mr. Reji Rajan’s story can inspire anyone in a minute. He’s growing step by step, year by year but never giving up. Somethings to take away from this story is being connected to where we came from is quite necessary, looking back is important. Building a team is easy but keeping employer-employee relations is what takes you to new heights.

“Don’t expect anything from others, let others expect from you”

- Reji K Rajan


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