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Passion is the key to success

By : Profectus Magazine   /   15 Nov 2021  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

Meet Balbir Singh, Whose Passionate Struggle Will Inspire To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Education is important for gaining knowledge, but success is a result of hard work and lifelong struggles. Some success stories are worth telling, such as is this story of Mr. Balbir Singh who established Shivam Industrial Tools in 2006 after years of working in the steel industry.

Born in Gurgaon, Singh did his Intermediate in Non-Medical but a horrific event made him give up his dream of being an engineer. The riots of 1984 turned his life around leaving everything behind, Balbir Singh and his family had to move to Mandi Gobindgarh in Punjab. Being the eldest son in the family, Singh gave up on his dreams and started working at a Petrol Pump. Later, he switched jobs and joined a rolling mill.

As a child, Singh was always passionate about machines and used to accompany his father who was a foreman to a pressure cooker factory to learn about the tech. Even at his new job he never stopped learning. He worked extra hours to learn about the hi-tech system and new engineering innovations.

Reaching the top isn’t always an easy road, starting from the bottom Singh struggled through years. After five years at his mill job, he was promoted to the post of foreman, which required a lot of traveling. His work was mainly related to large steel industries with high technology specialized in the rolling mill segment. He also worked at reputed establishments like Shree Ram Steel, Giridih, Jharkhand.

Words when used correctly hold the power to change your life, similar incident happened with Mr. Balbir Singh. On one of his trips to Jammu, Singh met an engineer whose words motivated him to leave his job and start a new adventure of his life. He said, “Education is only for examination, not for real life. Real-life needs practical and technical knowledge.” After leaving his job, Singh started consultancy services that guided entrepreneurs in setting up mills and helped them with his expertise in the trade. With his expertise and cutting-edge solutions, his company earned many national and international projects to setup rolling mills.

In 2006, Singh established his own company by the name of Shivam Industrial Tools and now are one of the leading designer and manufacturer of automatic steel rolling mills, rolling processes mechanical equipment, and machine tools. Their products include rolling mill-related equipment, such as high-speed flying shear, quenching boxes, deform bar auto bending equipment, auto cutting production system, etc. Other than manufacturing various international standard rolling mill machinery products, they explore, develop and manufacture some other non-standard non-metal products with light, thin, complicated cross-sectional shapes that need higher technical requirements and bigger production difficulty.

People choose Shivam Industrial Tools in over 15 countries as their quality and delivery time are guaranteed. Started with a mere 8 employee team and a small rented place to an area of 25000 sq ft with more than 150 employees, Singh has turned his dream into reality with hard work and never giving up attitude. He says his success mantra is, ‘Apart from having intensive technical knowledge and skill one should consistently and persistently engage in efforts with the dedication to yield success in any venture. Hard work along with disciplined, persistent honest efforts with a view to uplift not only oneself but also the society as a whole is the success mantras for them.’

Every business or work has its challenges, here the challenge is to be consistent. Being consistent here means to be consistently well updated on technology and being consistently accurate while designing. At Shivam industries they design rolling mill parts which requires accuracy while making their drawings, a single small mistake can cost huge losses.

Competition pushes you to do better and one should not fear it. Mr. Singh says that there are two things to make the customer choose you over your competition, that is Satisfaction and specification. Providing specific products as per the customer's needs, and satisfying them with prompt service and response to customer queries. Here, their continuous efforts of improving the quality of products with the latest technology also help their company.

Struggle and hard work always pay off, Mr. Singh won the Industry Leadership award in 2020, and also participated in India Steel conducted by FICCI in 2017. Apart from this, they have also received many rewards from the government. They are registered with NSIC, Quality (ISO ISI 9001: 2015).

A good deed needs selflessness in heart, apart from business Mr. Singh generously donates to Vishwakarma Trust, an NGO which runs a school in their locality. He also aims to provide education to local unemployed, unskilled, graduates or freshers to learn practical and technical skills by working in high-tech industrial workshops.

After being in the rolling mill industry for more than 25 years, Mr. Singh advises the newcomer to be honest to himself and for others at the same time. He says when one offers the best services to the satisfaction of the customer the ways of success will always remain open.


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