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One Woman, Many Roles

By : Profectus Magazine   /   15 Nov 2021  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Women in Business

One Woman, Many Roles; This Woman’s Day Let's Celebrate Womanhood at its best!

Being a mother, a social worker, a writer, an emerging entrepreneur and more such roles can be challenging at times, but not for Mrs. Swati Vakharia. She’s the founder of India’s first ayurvedic belly button oils ‘Nabhi Sutra’ and also runs an NGO named ‘Women Planet Foundation’.

Being a woman in Indian culture is considered a blessing, they effortlessly play different roles in one’s life. Today let’s meet a woman who is a mother, a social worker, a writer, and an emerging entrepreneur in this business world. Swati Vakharia is the founder of the Ayurvedic product line ‘Nabhi Sutra’, which is India’s first belly button oil that heals you through the navel. She also runs a Digital Marketing firm named Black ID technologies for 12 years now.

‘Nabhi Sutra’ is India’s first belly button oil that heals you via your navel. The idea behind the product is related to Swati’s post-pregnancy problems. During her motherhood and breastfeeding, she faced several health problems including hair fall. While researching a solution for her problem with brother Dr. Nikunj Mewada, who is an MD in ayurvedic medicines they created the concept of Nabhi Sutra. She firstly started by making oils and experimenting with the oils at home, then finally launched the product in September 2019.

Swati adds, that during her research she was fascinated by the fact that more than 72000 nerves are connected through the navel. Navel detects the dry veins and gives out needed nutrition, it is also called the second brain in Ayurveda. The essential oils present in Nabhi Sutra do that same work, applying 3 drops before sleeping for 21 days gives a noticeable result.

Other than this Swati runs a web portal named ‘Women Planet’, where 200+ expert doctors, nutritionists, fashionista’s and writers offer expert advice on various topics related to women. Her NGO named ‘Women Planet Foundation’ runs a campaign named “Muskan- Ek Pehel” where they adopt rural girls and provide menstrual hygiene requirements including information, material, and consultation to manage the hygiene level during menstruation.

Swati’s foundation till date has adopted 1000 school girls for their initiative. Every month girls are provided with biodegradable pads, soap, and shampoo to maintain their menstrual hygiene. They meet monthly to check on their behavioral patterns and lifestyle. Swati’s foundation targets to adopt around 5000 girls as the schools resume post-covid.


Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t easy on anyone, businesses were affected badly during the lockdown period. When asked about her lockdown experience with a business that had just started, Swati said it was a hard time but she had to stay optimistic. Keeping her team optimistic was a big deal for her, she gave them assignments to find the 2.0 version of themselves. Meaning she encouraged them to learn new skills, askedfor a project report for the same. Her business resumed within few months as it an E-Commerce essential commodity.

Ayurveda isn’t a medication, it’s more of a lifestyle. For the past 5000 years, people have been harnessing the benefits of Ayurveda, but in modern times people had lost interest in it. Covid-19 made them realize how important and useful it is, today simple kitchen commodities have taken the form of medicines. Realizing its importance, Swati is all set to launch a new set of a product line named ‘Nushka’ from Granny’s diary. Currently, Nushkha only has Hair Scalp Therapy, but its other collection is coming soon.

When asked about her future goals, Swati says she wants to take ‘Nabhi Sutra’ to the top international market. Currently, it is available for the USA on amazon, and countries like Malaysia and Singapore have already shown their interest in it. She further adds, that ‘Muskan’ is now focused on conducting mother-daughter sessions about menstruation and eradicate taboos about it.

As an entrepreneur, Swati thinks that government policies are good, but the process isn’t easy. She further hopes that the clash between the online and offline industry is balanced. From doing social work to managing her start-up by herself, Swati has been a superwoman all along. We believe that she’ll keep inspiring women across the world with her work and good deeds.


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