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Menswear- A journey from Petticoat to Leather jackets

By :   /   05 May 2022  /   Fashion /   Fashion Blog

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A sharp suit holds a special power in western culture, especially among men. But men’s style didn’t begin with suits. Menswear hasn’t been a simple affair. In the 18th and the 19th centuries, men’s attire was tacky. Trousers weren’t yet in style. Petticoat breeches and curled wigs depicted the role of absolute power. The industrial revolution caused a shift towards the attire of the working man, the suit became more fashionable.

The very first influential man of style was Beau Brummell. He used clothing to showcase himself to the upper class. Brummell’s social-climbing began in the military. He used military tailors to make civilian clothes, which included pantaloons- the first long trousers for men. His typical outfit included a pantaloon, high collar shirt, a coat, and a modern necktie. Brummell’s style has influenced the form of stylish men’s clothing ever since. The long Victorian frock coat turned out to be a less formal morning jacket, eventually into an even less formal lounge suit, today known as a business suit.

The Prince of Wales was somewhat responsible for the invention of the tuxedo after he requested a black dinner jacket. He introduced this idea to an American businessman in 1886, who took the look back to a New York State village of Tuxedo Park. A modified version of this suit took the village’s name and it stuck.

20th-century menswear was full of sports, war, and popular culture. Rene Lacoste introduced the tennis shirt and became the staple of casual wear. Military-style and battle attire were two forms that came after the 20th century. One example is the trench coat, a garment made to protect the bodies from the harsh conditions of the trenches during World War I.

World War II brought: black leather jackets and white T-shirts. The movie-‘The Wild one’ (1953) and ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ (1955) brought these outfits into the trend. Brando and Dean made jeans the staple of an angry young man’s wardrobe. By the 70s jeans were worn by everyone.

Music influenced men’s fashion heavily. For example, The Beatles brought in thick hairstyles and fancy suits. By the 70s, the three-piece suits and the bellbottoms of the disco scene were flooded the men’s wardrobes

But when it comes to modern aesthetics, the highest influence has come from hip-hop and rap. The look began in the early 80s with Run-DMC, who took Adidas track pants and sneakers and made it look so cool! While modern hip-hop states Kanye West and Pharrell Williams are not less when it comes to styling.

Let’s talk about the icon of metrosexual masculinity: David Beckham. An amazingly styled soccer player, Beckham’s beauty and fashion style has brought a celebrity status and various model gigs like Calvin Klein and H&M.

In the 21st century, we’ve seen slim-cut trousers and jeans, barbered hair, thick-framed glasses, etc. Today, men’s clothing is blooming. It varies from hip-hop to edgy leather coats, to designer jeans, sometimes, yes, a plain black shirt.


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