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Meet Angel and Alex helping India angelically through angel foundation

By : Profectus Magazine   /   15 Nov 2021  /   Pride of the nation /   Social Story

We all need a guardian angel in our lives to help and protect us. Such is Angel Foundation to many needy people. Started by a couple based in Mumbai, Angel Foundation has been doing great social work for the upliftment of rural India for a certain period. Born and brought up in Mumbai, both Angel and Alex Miranda have been doing social work even before starting the foundation. Being studied in St. Xaviers, Mumbai, Angel used to read to the blind student developing a soft corner for social upliftment. Both Angel and Alex are directors of Safety Drive India Co-op Pvt ltd, from where they used to donate 10% of their earnings to NGOs working for a social cause as Abhilasa, Cry. It wasn’t an ongoing process, so they thought of something more personal and consistent, thus Angel Foundation came into existence. Angel foundation doesn’t provide help to any particular sect or cause, they help as much as they can to whomsoever needs it. Angel and Alex believe that if God has blessed them with earnings, so why not distribute them, social work is something that allows them to do so. Most of their ongoing projects are in rural India, in which education is a priority for them. They distribute books in school, salaries to teachers, water bottles and bags, and shortly will be building shelters in schools. They also provide medical supplies for severe illness as well different vitamin medicines to the needy. During the 2019 Kolhapur floods, they supplied food and blankets in the flood-affected areas. For women empowerment, Angel Foundation has started several Mahila bachat gat as well as a food and arts festival, popularly known as ‘Thali Maharashtra Chi’ in a joint initiative with Sri Radha Foundation.

During all their festivals, anniversaries they give out food to 100 people on the road as most people help in shelter homes but the people on road are often neglected. Angel conducts programs for people on roads to make them aware of their rights. In an upcoming project, Angel foundation is planning to open new old-age homes to help senior citizens. Midst this pandemic, they helped a lot of people with beds, oxygen cylinders, ambulances. They’re also helping acid attack victims, basically, anyone who needs a helping hand. Outside Maharashtra, the Angel foundation has been active in Munnar, Kerala. During the Kerala flood, they distributed food, helped clean the flood-affected houses as they were in a horrible condition that you can’t even breathe in them. The most difficult part during providing help in Kerala was inaccessibility to roads, it was impossible to reach the inner parts of the affected areas. The government was unable to reach the rural most affected parts, so they helped with a team of 50 volunteers. This foundation has been lot active in the Satara district of Maharashtra, they have a special snake rescue program for the villages in the district. As the rural Satara is adjacent to the forest, snakes are quite a big problem there. To get rid of the snakes without killing them, villagers had to wait for forest rangers. While they wait for rangers to arrive, sometimes the snakes would attack and poison the villagers. As a solution, Angel Foundation started a helpline number where they’ll respond on the site within few minutes. A team of 25 volunteers with the help of forest rangers and sarpanch are part of this rescue program.

When asked about views on the current Indian government’s policies and approach towards social work, Angel said that the government is trying to help, but sometimes it doesn’t reach the dedicated area or people. The government mostly helps people who raise voice, but certain people aren’t in the position to raise voice, so government must deploy some dedicated units to identify such voices of distress and help them. If you visit Ambernath near Mumbai, the difference between east and west is quite noticeable and needs to be changed. Govt hasn’t been able to tap every aspect of society like periodic checks should be taken to see that if the work is being done. Something I personally liked about Alex and Angel was their simplistic approach towards social work. They aren’t a couple looking for awards or recognition, peace of mind is one of their biggest achievement.

You sleep peacefully after realizing you’ve made someone’s life better with your small deed, it is god’s mission. It’s like giver’s gain, as people come and touch their feet as a thank you like because of help provided to them their household is running its utmost satisfaction. Blessing affects more than curses. If we are on this beautiful earth, we must make it beautiful for others too. If you have the smallest mean, you should do the good. In the near future angel foundation will try to help as many as people they can. Everybody has to do good work, it's karma; when you do good, it always comes back good!


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