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Seva Pramo Dharma

By : Profectus Magazine   /   15 Oct 2021  /   Pride of the nation /   Unsung Heroes

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Whenever someone asks me that what is the concept of being a hero, is it something we see on screen like Thor or Shaktiman, or a soldier that protects your country, maybe a doctor who’s saving the world amid this pandemic. As complicated as the question seems, the answer to it is quite simple, anyone who inspires you to do good deeds is a hero, be it on-screen or in real life. Such is our real-life hero Mr. Mahesh Savani, diamond king of Surat needs no introduction neither in terms of business nor good deeds.

Being from a small village Ranparda in Saurashtra region of Gujarat, Mahesh Savani currently is a proud father of more than 3000 daughters. Some may say that he was born with a silver spoon but his business skills and social work speak for him. He says and believes that it's mentioned in our scriptures that helping the needy is the best deed recognized and recommended by god.

Every story has its struggle, when Mahesh’s father first came to Surat he started with a 125 INR monthly salary. Saving bit by bit he bought a diamond machine for the Savani Group and from there Mahesh took the group to 150 Cr net annual revenue way back in 2004. Other than the diamond business, Mahesh is also the Real Estate King of Surat. When asked about his inspiration for the non-stop hustle Mahesh says that his father is the real man behind all that he has, he's just carrying forward and adding numbers to his father’s story.

Being a businessman can be challenging, but being a father to the 3000 daughters? One can only imagine! The journey from a businessman to a father began in the year 2008 with an unfortunate event, Mr. Ishwar, a close aide to Mahesh died without being able to marry off his two daughters. That’s when Mahesh stepped up and took care of all the responsibilities that a father has, not just financially but emotionally too. It costed something 10 Lakh per wedding and he also participated in every ritual till Bidaai.

Doing something selflessly good is like adrenaline to the soul, utterly satisfying. After the wedding, Mahesh was quite uneasy thinking about the orphan girls who don’t have anyone to take their responsibility or their family is financially unstable. To help out those girls, he circulated a pamphlet and shortlisted about 300 names for the first mass wedding he conducted. Today after so many years, Mahesh is a proud father of over 3000 daughters.

An average wedding cost around 5 lakh rupees and in addition to that Mahesh gives 2 lakh rupees to every daughter for a comfortable start of her family post marriage. Other than marriage responsibility, Mahesh also supports kids who don’t have any financial support, till they’ve passed secondary school. In the time of the pandemic, he made a group of 10-12 people and started an organization ‘Seva’. During COVID, they supplied medicine and oxygen cylinders to the needy. Selfless work is quite needed in the current times, those who have the means to help others should voluntarily come forward to do so, such is Savani’s group.

When asked about the reason for doing all this, he simply answered that choice to give back makes him more wealthy, it gives him happiness. Believing that sky is the limit, he’s gonna keep doing good deeds without any limit. People like Mr. Savani are the true example of ‘Seva Pramo Dharma’ and the world needs more like him.


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