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Madonna Among Many Stars To Join ‘Stand Up For Ukraine’ Campaign

By : Profectus Magazine   /   08 Apr 2022  /   News and Updates /   Trending

What is called to be one of the largest humanitarian crisis, more than 12 million Ukrainians are currently in dire need of emergency aid since Russia invaded the country. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for international community to help the refugees due Russian military actions saying that, ‘"I ask you to support Ukraine, to support Ukrainians with the 'Stand Up for Ukraine' motto."

He urged everybody including musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, businessmen and everyone else. Whomsoever wishes to join the movement can create and upload a video asking world leaders to take action on the global crisis.

As a response to this appeal many top world artists, entertainers, athletes will join a social media rally on Friday to raise aid for this global humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and support refugees across the world.

This campaign will be star studded with music icons as Billie Eilish, Madonna, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Celine Dion. These stars will appeal their fandom to make donations and other forms of support for the millions of affected people.

As per the NGO Global Citizen, Jon Batiste, Miley Cyrus, Billy Joel, The Weeknd, U2, the Red-Hot Chili Peppers and Herbert Gronemeyer will also participate in this digital rally.

‘Stand Up for Ukraine’ social media rally is planning to seek billions of dollars donation for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees system, which currently lacks appoximately $10 billion funding to support those affected by war.



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