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By : Profectus Magazine   /   12 Oct 2021  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Startup Story

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Logo Se Logon Tak, iniciative by Vivek Hiralal

Success of a business often depends on branding. It doesn’t just means promoting your product but understanding the objective it holds in the market and positioning it well to grow.

Meet Vivek Hiralal (Vivek Bhanushali) founder of Evogue Media and Vgyapun, whose hustle started when he was 14. Although he belongs to middle class Kacchi Gujarati family, He always received complete support from family to move forward. Later in 2013 he joined MAAC institute to learn graphics, VFX, gaming and animation. Vivek says that I found my kick when I understood that I was a creative strategist who could communicate, make art and copy-write too. Dropped out of college just in four months, couldn’t waste my three precious years there.

In 2013, Vivek co-founded Evogue store with his friend Bhavesh Puroshattam, where they used to design and sell merchandise on Facebook and other online platforms as well. With an investment of 40,000 rupees from Bhavesh’s dad, their business did good. Apart from this Vivek also worked with one of the finest digital agency for 2 and half years, were he learned about logo designing, market activity, campaign running, client pitching and many more things. In 2015, he got partnership proposal from his mentor Mr. Pramod for a merchandise and e-commerce business but It didn’t go quite well.

To hit restart, Vivek started Evogue media with his cousin Amit Bhanushali and Bhavesh Purshottam. Evogue media covers all the pain points a business suffers, from PR, Social Media Marketing, and every other single thing. In 2019, they had 50 clients pan India and started focusing on thousands of entrepreneurs, MSMEs and brands to expand their network of creative professionals.

Advertisement industry is more copmpetative now a day with new agencies popping frequently, but what Vivek and his team does is more than just advertising. When asked why one should choose Evogue media, Vivek says, we are strategic; we are not just a design agency. We first understand the client’s business objective, their problems, target audience they are looking for and also their expectation from us to create a strategic plan.

Vivek on today’s advertising industry says ‘Good to see that hard selling is gone now and brands are not limited to print media or outdoor media only. Digital media has changed the landscape and it is taking over everything, but we lack the thoughts. We still remember the old jingles like Vicco, Nirma and many more. The difficulty of the fast paced industry is that we lack message and longevity. Although digital media is increasing daily, print media and TVC aren’t going anywhere and are really affective in many ways’

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When the pandemic hit, Vivek had an idea to educate the young designers how to turn themselves into a brand. So he opened up an educational platform ‘Vgyapun’, where he would basically teach the young designers to build a brand with creativity. Currently it is for people into designing and freelancing but soon he’ll introduce courses for content writers and other freelancers too. His initiative ‘Logo se Logon Tak’, has changed so many lives. Vgyapun’s community stands strong with over 1000+ people within just a year of its operation.

Vgyapun’s mission to give people a power to build better brands with the right knowledge and resources. He teaches them how to onboard and maintain a client, how to create a pitch and also provide them with some projects to start with. Vygapun also has a community called ‘BrandIndians’ with creative people from all over India who are blessed with skills to turn their businesses or work into brands.

‘There’s a huge gap between designing and brand building, but I’ll help our youngsters bridge it’. I get utmost satisfaction when people start earning more and create a brand of their own with help of the knowledge and experience provided by Vgyapun, Says Vivek

“We look forward to problems as opportunities and are backed by community of dynamic entrepreneurs, India is on its way to build brands and not just businesses. We are trying to solve one problem at a time” – Vivek Hiralal

Social media plays a vital role in Digital Media. If the term influencer is used properly, anyone can create a brand within few days. Social media is a easy place to distribute message you want to convey. One should understand the techniques and strategies to use it well. Your brand is the face of your success, so shape it well!

Blog By: Simran Sharma 


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