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Killnet Vs Anonymous ; Cyberwarfare

By : Profectus Magazine   /   04 Mar 2022  /   News and Updates /   Blog

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India Should First Safeguard Its Cyberspace says Indian Hacktivist Group ‘Indian Cyber Troops"

Cyber-warfare is something we might not know in depth of, in simple words it is the use of digital attacks against an enemy state. It may cause comparable harm to the warfare, disrupting the computer systems, block access to the information as much more. As Russia took military actions against Ukraine, a hacking collective group known as Anonymous declared a cyber war on the Russian government.

Who is Anonymous?

Anonymous is socially known as a ‘apolitical hacktivist’ for getting involved in various serious and controversial issues. From the Church of Scientology’s collective infiltration to dark-net child pornography rings, they also digitally intervened along with the US during the Libya and Syria wars. Now during the Russia-Ukraine situation they ‘officially’ declared a cyber war via a twitter account that claims to speak behalf of them @YourAnonOne. Another account known as @YourAnonTv claims to have hacked Russian State TV channels to as they tend to broadcast the truth happening in Ukraine.

Hacking collective carried out series of attacks on RT, Sputnik and other Russian state media and also doxxed members of Russian military.

Counter-attack by ‘Killnet’

In response to all these attacks, a pro-Russian group known as Killnet took down a website linked to the hacking collective Anonymous, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s website and a site of Ukraine’s far-right Right Sector Militia. There’s not much information available about Killnet, and many weren’t even sure if they existed before Tuesday’s action.

The hackers group posted a video on YouTube addressing Russians in a hooded figure with distorted voice saying that, ‘“We welcome you from a nation of friendly union.” they further explained that internet is full of fake news, and they shouldn’t doubt their own country. Hackers blamed Zelensky for the war saying that he ‘adopted he wrong policies.’

Taking a toll on the hacking collective ‘Anonymous’, they said that they should better restore their own website which seems pathetic after the threats they made against Russia.

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Indian hackers react

As Indian abstained from voting against Russia in the UNSC, there have been reports of hostage like situation and actions against the Indians stuck in the war zone by Ukrainian side. Indian cyberspace is complicated, as locals don’t know much about it. Talking to Profectus magazine, an Indian hacktivist group Indian Cyber Troops quoted, ‘It's not a secret that Indian cyberspace is vulnerable, and is seeing some sort of resistance from the country under attack, we need to be prepared. India is still facing unofficial attacks from Chinese Hackers.’

Talking about Killnet vs Anonymous, they said that the hacking collective had threatened to hack Russian site, but what they did is known as DDOS attack (Denial-of-service) which slows down your server and can get back to speed just by some cache clearance. The famous hacking collective couldn’t even save their own website from Russian Killnet.

 “It’s not important about who is doing what, we first need to focus on ourselves. All these big shots in Indian cyber world need to understand that nothing will happen through cyber awareness, war’s aren’t won through awareness. They need to understand and give importance to the teams dedicated towards keeping the Indian cyberspace safe,” said Indian Cyber Troops.


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