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KANODIA BROTHERS: The Superhuman Siblings of Cement Industry

By : Profectus Magazine   /   06 May 2022  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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A modern and strong infrastructure resonates with the base of developing India. As we look forward to becoming a five trillion economy in the next few years, the cement industry has been the second most important primary and basic industry for the economic development of India. Cement production in the country is projected to reach 381 Million tonnes by FY22.

From being a retailer to manufacturing about 4.3 million tonnes of cement annually, Kanodia Group’s 13-year long journey has been remarkable. Under the dynamic leadership of Managing Director & Promoter Mr. Vishal Kanodia and Director & Promoter Mr. Gautam Kanodia, the group has flourished in various industries like Cement, Hygiene, Media, Online Gaming Apps, Investing, and more.

Though the Kanodia group was established in 2009, the brothers started their journey almost 20 years ago via their parent's business as Cement Retailers. Today the group has five cement plants which are marketed as Concrete Gold and Big Cement in states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Delhi, and Haryana. In this journey full of ups and downs throughout two decades, one constant thing was efforts, i.e. Koshish, Koshish, and Koshish. The directors of the company state that a line from Late Harivansh Ray Bacchanji’s had always inspired them to move ahead professionally and personally.

Mr. Vishal Kanodia

A visionary leader knows what’s gonna lead the firm to the heights of success, that’s what Mr. Vishal Kanodia is all about. From procuring the best raw materials to marketing the best quality projects, the visionary leader leaves no stone unturned to serve his best in the industry. The firm’s main business of cement was first established at Sikandrabad- UP, which later led to three units at the same place, Bhabhua, Bihar and the other at Amethi- UP. Their cement brands “Concrete Gold Cement” and “Big Cem Cement” are quite popular amongst individual home builders as well as mid to large scale construction companies. The group doesn’t just deal B2C, they also manufacture for top cement players like Lafarge , Holcem- ACC, JK Laxmi among others.

Mr. Gautam Kanodia

The whole operation successfully runs under the guidance of Mr. Gautam Kanodia, right from the installation of the plant to production. Apart from the cement industry, Kanodia Group has stepped into the hygiene sector with Hygiene Plus. It is a top manufacturer of raw materials and final products used in the hygiene industry. The mantra behind the success is Trust, Innovation & Value. Well equipped with the latest technology and skilled manpower, the plant manufactures PP-based Spun Melt, Spunlace Non-Woven and High-quality fabrics as raw material for hygiene products. With the success in the domestic markets, Kanodia group is exporting these items to UAE, New Zealand and Greece. In addition to raw materials, they manufacture final products like Sanitary Napkins & Wet Wipes for their various business associated nationally and internationally. The group is expecting to expand its products in the B2C market with their brand segment of Sanitary Napkin, Wet Wipes, Diaper and Liquid Detergent Pods, etc.

Every business has to be unique, either in products or services, that’s what makes a consumer choose you over your competitor. Currently, Kanodia group offers prompt service in their cement business. Within a 200 KM radius from their plants, the products can reach the end-user within 24 hours. The hook-less ad star bags protect the quality of cement in comparison to their counterparts, claims the company. Their hygiene segment is said to be having a quality-driven integrated manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art technology. With non-woven roll products and personal hygiene under one roof, Kanodia Group envisions to ensure the economic advantage of the long value chain.

“We believe that real value is added through innovative approach of doing conventional business activities. We aim to add quality, efficiency, and value to our hygiene products, at an affordable cost. We offer a sustainable solution to basic daily need hygiene.” says the group.

If the leader is the engine, then their employees are fuel to run it, the right analogy being both complete each other. Kanodia Group doesn’t just take care of their employees, they teach most laborers on ‘Mason Adda’ Masons and laborers are often gathered at Labour Chowk, in search of jobs. That’s when the groups, Cement technical and marketing officers display Canopy, Standy, Banners, etc and interact with masons. During the interaction, their team briefs masons about the products of Kanodia Group and features of their cement, production process and application of cement. They also briefed “do’s and dont’s” tip in construction. These activities increase the brand awareness, knowledge and workmanship amongst masons. They also started enrolling the masons in their MASON MITRA App under Mason Loyalty Programme.

TATA is like the wizard of CSR activities, almost every businessman in India admires the group for it. One of them is the Kanodia siblings. They believe that ‘If you are in business and not sensible for society, you will be out of business in the long run.’ thus they are aggressively invested in the Corporate Social Responsibility activities. The group executes activities including Swatch Bharat Campaign, Tree Plantation, Water Harvesting, Free Health Camp, Blood Donation Camp and Safety Programmes. They also provide free education to unprivileged class, girl child protection, clean drinking water, scholarships and many other community help set by government. They are contributing through various activities covered under Section 135 of the company, act - 2013. Mr. Gautam Kanodia has always been actively engaged within society since his childhood. He has associated with several social service organizations to reach out to the underprivileged class of society by providing shelter and food.

Talking about the Future of Kanodia groups, They keep on expanding and establishing more manufacturing units in different parts of the country. This won’t just employ the local population but will also ensure on time delivery of their product to the end-user. ‘We want to keep growing and adding more   establishments to our group until we can’ says promoters. They look forward to establishing more cement grinding units in Uttar Pradesh and other states. They’re soon to launch a new brand pan India.

Future was put on a hold due to the pandemic for almost 24 months and this group isn’t an exception. Their production at cement grinding units was delayed to approximately one year for about 1.50 million tonnes. But one thing that makes this business stand out is that even after suffering the economic hit during the pandemic, they didn’t lay off any employee or deducted any COVID amount. They created employment for about 1000 people throughout the pandemic recession.

"The Winner is always part of the Answer, The Loser is always part of the Problem & Results are rewarded, Efforts are not"

There are so many great pieces of advice out there for young entrepreneurs, one thing they need to learn is that ‘The Winner is always part of the Answer, The Loser is always part of the Problem & Results are rewarded, Efforts are not.’ Be a winner says the founder. If one’s desires are strong enough, then one will possess superhuman powers to achieve it, be your own superhuman.

Note: This Article is published solely by Profectus Magazine after conducting the interview with concern person. All details published are based on true facts and discussion with concern person of the organization


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