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Kamlesh Patel -Founder of Pintola Peanut Butter ( Das Foodtech Pvt Ltd)

By : Profectus Magazine   /   19 May 2022  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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What do we Indians usually think of when someone mentions the word ‘Breakfast’? Most of us would think of some hot beverage along with some bread toast or poha/rice or steamed hot idlis. In this fast life that we are living in, we hardly have proper time to eat let alone prepare the meal. But have you ever thought of incorporating something really nutritious as nut butter? Yes, we have got your back. We have some real good news for our readers who want stay healthy by using this, one wholesome product NUT BUTTER by Pintola.

Pintola is one such leading domestic brand in India which provides various options of nut butter manufactured by Das Foodtech Pvt. Ltd like almond butter, organic peanut butter, cashew butter, high protein peanut butter etc. The company was founded by Kamlesh Patel. He had developed a passion for agriculture as his childhood was spent in seeing his father do the same at a village in Gujarat.

Young Kamlesh and his family were into farming of pomegranates but his father envisioned the launch of peanut butter manufacturing unit. In 2013, Kamlesh gave direction to his father’s vision and started the manufacturing unit of peanut butter to support the family finances. The manufacturing unit started producing peanut butter for 4 out of 8 companies in India in F&B sector. They were also having their products exported globally, their main income was from Exporting Nut Butters globally.

During his business touring across India he observed several malnourished children. It was at that time when Kamlesh realised that all the peanut butter companies were based abroad. There were no domestic player to provide the quality and rates we Indians needed. Then to form a brand named ‘PINTOLA’ occurred to him in 2015. He states that even though India is the second largest producer of peanuts in the world, the intake of peanut butter is limited only to the rich people. He compares it with the countries of United States of America and other European countries where the nut butter is used in every household as a routine. He states that many young individuals in India are unable to meet the protein and the vitamins requirement from their meals so why not to use something that can satisfy the nutrition indices as well as the taste palette.

The success story of Pintola brand involves the hard work of the entire family. Kamlesh Patel and his wife Nitaben Patel are the main quality checkers in the company. They take care of entire production from sourcing to quality checks. Their sons till date handle all the marketing and promotions. Crunchy as the peanut, the company in the initial stage faced financial crunch for almost 3 years but the hard work finally paid o‑. Later the brand was revamped and it became visible to the larger audience due to sheer toil and perseverance. It became the best seller on Flipkart and Amazon in the span of just two months after its introduction on those platform. Pintola is best selling in every store introduced till date.

It is the policy of the brand to use only the highest quality of peanuts to make the butter. They have also imported machineries form the United States of America. The actual magic happens when the technology meets the quality control unit of the company. Kamlesh proudly mentions that when one takes a spoonful of peanut butter of his brand, the peanut butter melts in the mouth just by the temperature of the tongue.

The level of safety and hygiene measures which the manufacturing unit takes is beyond impressive. They possess their own laboratory for the research and development purpose and each and every batch passes though the quality check before it goes into production. At all the given time the peanuts are checked for the aflatoxin level, salmonella and peroxide value in the laboratory before making the rich creamy, crunchy peanut butter. The process also constitutes of checking the peanuts by passing them through metal detectors, so even the slightest of metal can be redeem if detected and the quality stays uncompromised. The over roasted peanuts are not added and are discarded to maintaint quality. The unit produces almost 70 tonnes of top quality peanut butter daily. This is the standard of the product which is maintained for the domestic as well as for the international trade.

The advantages of using Pintola nut butter are as follows:

• - It is the best alternative of dairy butter.

• - It can be used by lactose intolerant group.

• - Gluten free

• - It provides higher protein value at a cheaper rate. (it has almost 2.5% higher protein than egg white)

• - It is cholesterol free.

• - It has no added preservatives.

• - It has no excess of sugar or salts in it.

• - It is easy to incorporate in the meals.

Pintola has been trying to educate Indians on the application of their products and its advantages through digital marketing, advertisement and influencer’s marketing. Pintola has launched a very new product which is also unique in the Indian market. It is called as the RICE CAKE. It is a crisp cake made out from 100% whole brown rice grains without undergoing any processing. It can be used best with the nut butter. Their products are easily available in 120 major cities across India. It also exports the brand to countries like Nepal, Maldives, Spain, South Africa, and United Kingdom.

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper"


During the pandemic the company survived remembering the harsher initial days which they’ve victoriously overcame. Post pandemic proved to be beneficial for the company as it saw some major rise in the sales due to awareness of healthy eating habits. Kamlesh is thankful to the government for the current liberal policies in FMCG. But he wishes that in future the government should frame policies which are stricter for the manufacturers and more biased towards the consumers. This according to him will help in elevating the standards of food manufacturing in the Indian market. The company believes in uplifting the women and has applaudable female to male employee ratio.

The company owes a big appreciation to all the hard working people behind the curtain, the marketing team, the sales team and the customers who have believed in the brand. He strongly believes in providing customer satisfaction. Kamlesh takes a moment to give credit of his success to his wife, who proactively takes charge of the hygiene of the products and also the equipments used for it. He is grateful to his sons who have helped this company reach where it is now. Kamlesh very well knows it will take a while for all the Indians to realise the beauty of this product for daily consumption. He wants this brand to hold this position in the market for the upcoming 30 years and more..


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