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JAMAN MALAVIYA: Benefiting the world through Ayurveda

By : Profectus Magazine   /   02 May 2022  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

The concept of Ayurveda is derived from Sanskrit words Ayur, which means life and Veda means science or knowledge. It is a natural form of medicine that originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. This knowledge of life doesn’t only originate in our country, but today India leads the world as the biggest manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines and herbs.

Apart from Ayurvedic medicines, India is the largest producer of generic medicines globally and stands third in manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Sunrise remedies have been manufacturing and exporting ayurvedic medicines for almost 35 years now. Founded by Jaman Malviya back in 1989, Sunrise Remedies have come a long way since.

Jaman aka Jamnadas Malviya born in Junagadh - Gujarat hails from a farmer’s family. After completing his Bachelor's in Commerce, Jaman migrated to Ahmedabad and started working as production head in a pharmaceutical company for about three years. A trip down memory lane after spending almost four decades in the pharma business, Jaman tells us that it all started when a pharmaceutical store opened up in his town. ‘It was the 70s, unlike today there weren’t medical stores in every lane of the city. People in our town and neighbouring villages looked at it in admiration and respect. That was the day when I decided if I’ll ever get an opportunity, it would be in the pharma industry,’ says Jaman.

The opportunity came knocking at his door in the early 80s, while staying at rented place and his landlord’s son offered him a job as production head in one of their pharmaceutical   companies. Admiration to do something is completely different than being qualified to do so. Since Jaman had a only degree in commerce, It was bit of difficult for him to enter in to industry. But the industry wasn’t as cut-throat as it is today, it was the beginning of the pharma business in India. That job gave him everything he needed to know in that business: confidence, knowledge and social respect. He learned everything from quality control, production, marketing to building social relation with industry players. There are two sources of knowledge, books like Geeta, Ramayana gave him spiritual knowledge while work  experience taught him about entrepreneurship.

Today, Sunrise Remedies deals in Ayurvedic products specialised for ED that are used for men to cope with erectile dysfunction, which is mainly exported to Africa and Russia. Other than that, they manufactures the medicines for HIV/ARV and Hepatocare, Cardiac, Diabetes, Psychiatric, Neurology, Premature ejaculation, Antibiotics-Antibacterial, Analgesic-Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergic & Cough remedies, Gastric related products, Vitamins & Nutritional, Antimalarial, and Skin Care products.

The firm initially started as a wholesale distributor of allopathic medicines in the year 1984. That dialogue from SRK’s movie, ‘Kisi Chiz ko dil se chaho tho puri kainath use tumse milane ki koshish mai lag jati hai’ well its seems quite contrary to the real world. Mr. Malviya says when you push beyond your confort zone to achieve your dreams, you are bounded to face difficulties financially, socially, externally or all of it. Initially, my family did oppose to my idea of starting the own venture, considering where we came from and having no business background nor have the resources. They worried about my survival in a city like Ahmedabad, but somehow I convinced them.

By the time he had started the first company he was already married and had a kid. In the late 80s, financial institutions weren’t as strong as they are today. So Jaman had to start his business with zero money in a rented building offered by his father-in-law and took credit for the resources like instruments, raw materials, packaging materials.

Sunrise remedies stepped into the Ayurvedic industry in the year 1989 and started its manufacturing unit in 1993 to hit the markets with 20 products at once. That resulted in a company crossing a turn over of Rupees 1 crore within a year. Anyone new stepping into such a competitive market is bound to receive resistance. “After we started as a manufacturing company we started receiving resistance from the industry. So we decided to go full-fledged with manufacturing. We started to look for land near Santej  Area - Gujarat. Fortunately we found a pharma factory near Santej, which was under control of GFSC. We bought that in an auction to start our factory in 1999 with a beta-lactam division that had a production lines of tablet, capsule, oral liquid and dry powder. Within a year we had agencies all over India. Our products weren’t common, they were exclusive and that was the reason doctors recommended our products to consumers,” says Jaman.

Sunrise remedies look forward to investing about 100 crores in expansion, that will increase their production capacity to 1 crore tablets per day. The goal is to contribute in Indian economy by earning forex as we make in India and export to countries like Africa and Russia, says Jaman. They also plan to export Sunrise remedies products globally to countries like USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands.

A business is always planned with a long vision and honesty. His mentor back in school, Mr. Khuman always taught him that honesty is the best policy. It applies to every part of your life, whether it's social, business or a personal. Talking about company’s vision, Jaman recalls Government’s proposal to relocate Pharmaceutical plants to Uttranchal or Himachal Pradesh back in 2005-06, but they didn’t move their plants considering the lack of labor and environmental conditions in those areas. By the time most of the pharma manufacturers who relocated were suffering, Sunrise remedies were able to expand their production lines with most of the products being exported.

A man is nothing without his family. Jaman gives all due credit to his Nanaji, his mother and his wife for his success, as they always believed in him and supported him to do better. Mr. Abhisekh Malviya, his son is the co-founder of Sunrise remedies and envisions taking the company to new heights in the near future.

India today supplies to more than 35% of the world’s pharma demands, which Gujarat as a state leads within the country. Schemes Like Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana is a successful yet developing step towards affordable healthcare. This pandemic has been an eye-opener in realizing the importance of health and empowerment of this sector. One needs to be looped in about every development made in this industry and should be on their toes to discover new R&D, that’s what Mr. Jaman Malviya is being doing for the past 35 years and encourages new entrepreneurs to do the same.

Note: This Article is published solely by Profectus Magazine after conducting the interview with concern person. All details published are based on true facts and discussion with concern person of the organization


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