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Hiten Shah - Flag Bearer of Make In India

By : Profectus Magazine   /   16 Oct 2022  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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Most successful stories are always built on the foundation of self, rather than relying on previous successes. This is because every situation is different and there's never a guarantee that what worked before will work again. Here's one inspiring story with its twists and turns highlighting this idea.This story is about an Indian entrepreneur Hiten Shah, who established Bombay Metrics with one goal “To help India become an international trader of exports”. The company came into existence in 2007 as a marketing and engineering service provider. However, it rapidly grew to become an integral part of the supply chain management system and electronic manufacturing services industry.

Hiten Shah was born in Mumbai and spent his childhood seeing His father’s business gave tough competition back then to some of the leading Indian brands which produced school products. He develops an entrepreneurial mindset from early on in life and lead to becoming one himself later down the line as well! Hiten’s father retired from business in 1999 and dedicated his whole and sole time to Lions Club working for the upliftment of the disabled. Fate must have been on Hiten's side, as he was accepted into the Bhagubhai College of Engineering to study Plastic Engineering in Mumbai. During his waiting period, he even considered joining a finance stream. However his heart was always in the field of engineering and eventually all worked out. His college had academic ties with University of Massachusetts (USA), so this opportunity allowed him to pursue his higher education there and in the process He married his childhood sweetheart Heena Shah. As luck would have it, They were blessed with two wonderful children in the 1990’s.

Hiten is a renowned Indian entrepreneur who worked for various companies and registered around 11 patents in the field of automotive industry before starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2001. His wife, Heena has been a guiding light for him ever since and helps him stay focused on the customers. He continued to run an independent business from 2008 onwards. He had thoroughly studied the Indian market, as well as the supply chain market by 2007.One day, he stumbled on an opportunity that he saw great potential in. This was how Bombay Metrics came in to existence in the year 2010. The name was a nod to the city and culture that Hiten grew up in.

When Hiten left his high paying job to become an entrepreneur, many people said it was too much of a risk. But through hard work and dedication he has achieved success for Bombay Metrics. The goal for this business was not only about making money or gaining fame. The goal of building a Bombay Metrics is to create something that will last for many years while giving customers the best products and services. The rarity of this ideology makes the company stand out from competitors in market. However, before the effects of GST, They had to focus on too many tasks and it became hard to keep up. All this while, when Hiten was in the US, his brother-in-law Mr. Nipul Keniya (who was based in Mumbai-India) had been the backbone of the idea and is on current partnership with Hiten. Both of them had the vision about a new India and its requirements beforehand.

At Bombay Metrics, we only offer our services when there's a possibility of being able to add value - Hiten Shah

The company has this very interesting idea of keeping the Wall of Failures along with Wall of Fame.This concept helps to address the drawbacks and to improvise it with mindful solutions at the same time and appreciating the rewarding achievements of their team. The automotive industry has seen an evolution in the way products are being made, with more focus on quality service. Bombay Metrics is a leading name in the automotive industry, looking beyond just mechanical components. They want work culture where ethical quality service is non-negotiable. Bombay metrics continues to evolve and has been adopted by many different industries i.e. telecommunications, medical, automotive & agriculture. There are plenty of Indian suppliers who lack a marketing team and warehouses which makes things difficult for both parties. That's where Bombay Metrics comes in, making sure everyone benefits from the relationship. The company helps both sides by using its expertise. The company offers opportunities that allow them to add value at every turn; they will only work when there's potential positive impact between parties involved. They are always working on upgrading the software and cost-cutting in order to have continuous improvement.

The growth of an organization is not just about its success in the market, but also how it affects and improves lives. Hiten's leadership has been a great example for others to follow, and he knows that it is important not only to focus on the process but also keep innovating. This perspective shines through in his dedication towards Make In India which led Bombay Metrics into an even brighter future where competition will thrive too! Navigating their way through the Covid crisis was not an easy task, but Bombay Metrics & team has managed to get through it.

They stuck to their principles and with effective communications; they found solutions that were effective for their customers and team members. When a large part of the world was affected at different times and in different intensity, the team Bombay Metrics had to adapt in order to continue thriving. They not only helped India but also exported essentials to other countries. The entire view towards business has been very empathetic post covid for Hiten and his team. Bombay Metrics is also listed in NSE which itself is a matter of joy and pride for all the stakeholders in making Bombay Metrics a success.

"Being one of the biggest supporters of th Make in India campaign, we're glad to see that Indian government was able to introduce policies that are so beneficial for businesses all across India" - Hiten Shah.

The much needed Goods & Services Tax Policy, which was recently implemented in India. Hiten is happy to see banks begin lending money at good deals again which helps small and big businesses flourish . Hiten is pleased to see that India's infrastructure growing so fast, and feels confident in its future as a country. He wishes the government would address some basic technical issues so that new entrepreneurs who want their businesses succeed before they can compete on an international level with other countries. Hiten's words are filled with praise for his wife, who he believes encouraged him to start a business even when others would not. He says nothing has ever made him feel insecure about his decision of leaving an established career in order to go on an adventure as sole breadwinner. Though it wasn't easy on them financially at first - especially with two small children, but he thinks it was all worth the risks.

"The roads not taken often produce the most success, and to do so, you need sheer determination and dedication" - Hiten Shah

He believes that education is more important than ever before and will help you get ready for the outside world. He emphasizes on learning new skills every day. There are a lot of quotes and trends telling young people to drop out of school and create their own careers, but Hiten makes a clear point that if you decide to drop out, at least starts cultivating the habit of studying the subject you are inclined to. Hiten himself derives his source of inspiration from everything he reads and encounters. He speaks with a sense of duty, always mindful of the good values that people hold dear to the heart. His open-minded and courteous personality makes him comparable to an epitome of humility. He has advice for young entrepreneurs; times may be tough but stay calm-think straight through them! It's important not just now but always take calculated risks if you want success because life will seem safe but boring without any adventures or goals set long-term ahead by yourself

At the end Hiten quotes his favorite poem by Robert Frost

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep"


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