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Future of Environmental Test Chambers Market

By : Profectus Magazine   /   16 Oct 2021  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

Challenging the Indian infatuation about imported products or machinery is a quite challenging task, we often tend to think that foreign goods are superiorand even pay a much higher price for them. Stepping up to clear this myth, Envisys Technologies Pvt Ltd has proved that India can makehigh quality products on par with any other imported productsat competitiveprices!

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Anil Kumar Kottani, Mr. M. G Patel, and Mr. Basavaraju. K. M., Envisys Technologies has been a game-changer in the Indian environmental test chambers marketby supplying an import substitute environmental test chamber. Envisys majors inmanufacturing of various types of environmental test chambers forperforming environmental tests on critical goods like electronics, automotive, defence, aerospace, etc., these tests are performed by spectrum of industries by simulating extreme conditions of world environmentlike temperature, humidity, corrosion, altitude, rain, dust, solar radiation etc., These tests are necessary to check the reliability and avoid the failures of the products.

The need for environmental testing in India has taken considerable surge in the demand due to the increasing quality race among multinational companiesand an imperative need to produce safe and reliable products. Although the market in India has witnessed a major share for imported products in this market segment before the advent of competent local companies like Envisys with a design and manufacturing capability to supply import-substitute products complemented with customized solutions, local presence, price competitiveness and round-the-clock support to customers most of the buyer companies are exploring the feasibility of competent local suppliers to curtail heavy costs of importing these systems. Hence the need for a competent local supplier in India has triggered the phenomenal growth of Envisys in taking an edge over the situation in the market.

The Environmental Testing Market in India has been significantly prosperous in the last twenty years and is growing steadily compared to its progress in western markets where growth rates have hit a plateau. This has been largely due to formidable growth registered by key industry segments like automobile, electronics, telecommunications over the years and emerging PV module, Battery Testing etc., in the recent years. Sectors like defence backed by impressive government investments in large value custom projects is growing vigorously in the Indian scenario leading to inspiring opportunities for availing the lucrative profit margins by providing competitive solutions as a local manufacturer.Alsocostadvantages,availabilityofskilledprofessionalsandIndia’slow-costlivinghave transformed India into an R&D hub for various industries and many international players are setting up testing facilities in India. Increasing market demand coupled with Govt support initiatives like Make-in India, Vocal for local and various other support schemes in-force especially for MSME sector has been encouraging for Envisys as small business unit to reach-out to potential marketssuccessfully.

The trio founders of Envisys Technologies are furnishing herewith on how they have strived for perfection while retaining the competitive pricing in the market. This is achieved by stripping away any unnecessary add-on costs like labour overheads and other expenditures in the manufacturing process thus enabling its customers to redirect these saved resources where required. Envisys outsources its key processes such as fabrication, powder coating/painting etc., making it one of the successful KPI’s in maintaining its competitiveness among the competition in the market. 

As a part of environmental test chamber range of products Envisys manufactures various environment simulation products likesalt spray chambers, rain test chambers, dust test chambers, altitude test chambers, thermal shock chambers, vibration test chambers, walk-in environmental chambers, industrial oven/dryer etc., They also have Solar Panel (PV Module) test chamberscatering to the booming green energy market.

In the past seven years,Envisys has designed some notable products which help towards electric mobility in India. Battery testing environmental test chamber designed for testing lithium-ion batteries for thermal tests is one of its kind in India. It includes all safety features against possible hazards like a fire alarm, smoke detection, fire suppression system, automatic air-exchange system, pressure relief port, etc. Its important as electric vehicles are the future of India.

Capital investment in this business is a crucial part, so far, the founders have invested around 4.52 crore rupees in the company. But due to their consistent hard work, the company has been growing significantly in the past 7years. In the FY 20-21Envisys technologies made a turnover of 15.06crore rupees, which is a symbol of their growth as in the first FY 14-15 it was around 1.92 crore rupees. Envisys has expanded its market all over the world including countries like Canada, Russia, UK, and some South Asian Countries.

One of the core beliefs that Envisys stands by is that competitiveness can be achieved only when absolute management of technology, strategy, structure, people, products, and services are achieved. But the important factor here is the ‘people’, to achieve excellence it’s important that the team working is dedicated and committed towards the productivity. It's not the size of the team that matters, it's their potential that makes the real difference. Currently, 43employees are giving their best for customer satisfaction at Envisys. When the employee is relaxed and happy, they give their best to the company, keeping this in mind the company usually arranges 1-3 days outings, sports, and puja annually. A positive environment usually brings out the best in the team. They believe in an ownership culture where each employee sees colleagues as partners whose mutual success or failure depends on how efficiently, effectively, and jointly they serve the customers.

A good team effort bears good results, which is why Envisyshas achieved an important milestone in the year 2018 and subsequently in the year 2021. Theyinaugurated the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Peenya Industrial Estate Bengaluru Karnataka in the year 2018 and expanded to another similar facility in the current year 2021. In addition to it, they also received the receipt of BEST SUPPLIER AWARD from HCL technologies for setting up one of their prestigious laboratories. Later in 2019, they received the ‘Defennovation’ award for excellence in Manufacturing – Product, MSME Category for its exemplary contribution in the field of Defence Electronics (R&D, design, and Manufacturing). They also won the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in the 44th ELCINA awards 2018-19 ceremony and Best MSME Award for Quality Excellence.

While their mission is to provide high-quality premier products at competitive prices, exceptional after-sales service & support, cost-saving solutions to environmental testing. Envisys aims to continue with a minimum of 30-40% of sustainable growth annually by expanding its facilities and adding more members to the family. Envisys is dedicated towards developing its technology strengths to provide one-stop complete testing solutions to upcoming Battery testing, PV module testing, Razor Blades sub-zero treatment, Health Sector etc., requirements in India.

The situation after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in India and the world with periodic lock-downs and noticeable slag in the economy have indeed evolved an opportunity in a way to drive more foreign investments in India and created a positive wave for Indian products locally and as well in the international markets. As a result, Envisysis expanding rapidly with additional facilities and man-power to cope-up to the emerging demands.

Dr. Anil Kumar Kottani strongly believes that every student must have some entrepreneurship experience before graduating as in today’s competitive world is impossible to get a job just based on a degree. The founder Anil Kumar Kottani was conferred a Ph.D. in Management by Bangalore University forhis thesis ‘Study on the effectiveness of e-Marketing on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)’ in B2B market of Bangalore District.

Dr.Kottani says that he has realized a lesson in this start-up journey that is crucial for our readers that, “Starting a business is like writing a new chapter in the book of our life, which will make it a bestseller. It’s all about our confidence in our business concept, idea, or experience. If it is a new idea whether it works? If it’s already a working business, how will we differentiate ourselves from existing businesses?”. It’s upon you how to be the sun among the stars!


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