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Dr Shekhar Benade has invented many proven solutions for various lifestyle diseases such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, asthma, chronic liver disease or cirrhosis, COPD, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, chronic renal failure, osteoporosis, stroke, depression, obesity, psoriasis, skin diseases and hair disorders. He has achieved many product patents in his name. 

Our Indian culture stands rich in Vedic science and culture. The medicinal heritage we have preserved in the form of Ayurveda is now being accepted even on foreign soil. The techniques and science behind Ayurveda are so vast that scientists worldwide have been digging in. But our country has one such Doctor turned Entrepreneur to solve the existing modern man's problem through his ayurvedic products

Dr.Shekhar Benade hails from a farmer family, where his father is an agriculturalist and also owned a textile unit in Ichalkaranji city which is also known as  "Manchester of Maharashtra '' . His mother always wanted to be a doctor but ensured that her children fulfilled her dream. All of his siblings are post graduate doctors and working in the medical field. Dr.Shekhar did his schooling in a village, Rui in Kolhapur district and gradually shifted to Kolhapur for higher    studies. After his under-graduation in Ganga Ayurvedic Medical College,Kolhapur, he opted for his masters degree in an KLE’S BMK Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya, Belgaum. Dr.Shekhar then started working at AVP's Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam & Research Institute  in Coimbatore, where many foreigners would visit and get  themselves treated through Ayurvedic means. During his shifts there, it struck him that the demand for Ayurvedic science was much more prevalent, but none or fewer players were in this field.

Dr.Shekhar always had this business mindset acquired at a very young age. So Dr. Shekhar decided to be an entrepreneur alongside being a doctor. His wife, Dr. Rupali Benade who is also Post graduate doctor  and director in business, supports him in all manners. Dr.Rupali administers the company's “Beauticity®” brand which is a chain of beauty clinics and “NormoLife®” brand which is a chain of Wellness Clinics . Dr.Shekhar knew about the rules and regulations for the Ayurvedic products he wanted to showcase on foreign grounds. So he set up his own R&D department where all the product's contents are studied thoroughly, and their effects get recorded as per the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients. All the products are being produced only after the proper standardization, procuring the purest form of medicinal herbs. The ingredients used traditionally are further processed to export in the global market.

Dr. Benade was always very passionate about formulating new potions, and they invented the best product of all time- A natural hair inhibitor. This product is widely in demand in India and foreign markets. The line of their products is available on their website Dr.Benade's®herbal products deal with respiratory disorders, digestion, piles, skin, hair, joints, and other lifestyle problems.
He currently practices along with Dr.Rupali in Pune and Mumbai at NormoLife® Ayurvedic Clinic. The covid wave hit his business hard. He is grateful to the policies of the Indian government that has made export-import easy, along with encouraging more schemes related to Ayurveda. He believes in both traditional as well as modern medicine. According to him,a  person should visit an expert before consuming any medication. He truly believes that prevention is any day better than cure.
Dr.Shekhar Benade has several prestigious awards of honor in the medical field, such as the Best MSME in 2020 and the Corona warrior award in 2020. Formulating viable products has always remained the priority. His vision stays on expanding the Beauticity® clinics all over India which offer the best solutions that enhance the look and feel of  skin and hair beautifully. All this takes place in  state-of-art and ambient clinics, with the services designed and supervised by the team of experts that include trained dermatologists and beauty therapists. Dr. Benade plans to export his products to more countries in the future. His sole aim is to offer people with traditional Ayurveda with a touch of technology through never ending research. Thus we strive hard in developing herbal products out of fresh natural ingredients returning complete value. The brand Normolife®-a chain of wellness clinics- also belongs to him and is set to expand soon.   He considers continuing his practice to acknowledge the community's problems while the businessman in him tries to find solutions.


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