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Dr. Richa Dahiya - Dean at JKBS

By : Profectus Magazine   /   15 Oct 2022  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Women in Business

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In this segment we have with us very legendary personality. Her aura radiates positivity. She is one of the early researchers in the field of business and marketing. We are talking about Dr. Richa Dahiya. She is currently chaired at JK Business School at the position of Dean. She always had this keen instinct for research and academics. As result of it, she is the author of a book and also has several research papers in her name.

Dr. Richa was born and brought up in Haryana. She belongs to a family full of bureaucrats. At a very young she developed all the skills and had a very disciplined and a goal oriented life. She had to study at different schools in different districts of Haryana because of the nature of her father’s job. Her mother was a teacher and she played a crucial role in her life influencing her. Young Richa had taken medical studies till 12th standard but soon she started to think out of box for graduation. After a lot of pondering she decided to pursue B.B.A. It was considered an uncommon degree in 20th century. Although Richa was sure about the perks it held for the all graduates acquiring that specific degree. She further went on to get her phd degree from Kurukshetra University in the field of marketing management. From a very tender age she had a different affiliation towards becoming a teacher. As the career path was carved ahead, she made sure that, that dream of her was made true.

Dr. Richa currently holds two decades of experience as a teaching admin and a researcher. In her early career she had held various key positions and all at very reputable institutes. Dozens of scholars have completed their phd degree under her mentorship as their research guide. She is the celebrated author of the book named as ‘Online shopping behaviour’ published by a LAMBERT academic publishing house, Germany. Her book is made available at 2200 retailers world wide. Her research papers have been published in the journals of repute like Emerald, Elsevier, Francis & Taylor, Springer, Inderscience and many more of such types. She was associated with JK Business School in 2010 and she rejoined the same institution in the year 2019. She considers this as her second innings and a very important one as well.

Dr. Richa is one such pioneer of Green Marketing. According to her for a company to survive for longer period of time, a company has to adapt this policy. She makes us understand that green marketing basically is taking the sustainability aspect along with the technology part. A company has to dedicate a part of itself to mother nature and thus prevent further damage to her. This concept is being recognised by many universities and business schools. According to her this concept will be studied in depth in all the schools in the very near future. She briefs us about her book in which she has mentioned online shopping trend even before it was famous in early 2000’s. Her ideas were narrated to the experts who motivated her to publish the book.

She further talks about her prestigious institute, JK Business School provides curriculum which makes the student job ready on completion of the course. The school is at forefront in merging technology along with the regular management studies. Several courses like thatof Business Analysis, Digital transformation course offered to PGDM students have seen a sharp rise in the placements graph. Several students have been even been placed internationally. JK Business School has also collaborated with JK Technosoft for providing technical training and imparting knowledge in depth keeping in mind the specialisation of the course and the opportunities offered thereafter. JK Business School strives to explore the vast technology through AICTE schemes and bring the best of the mentors to the students.

Dr. Richa considers herself grateful and lucky to be a part of this magnificent institution. On being asked her about the other institutionsthat provide an online study, she gives us all an insight of the same. She is of that opinion that the magic that traditional and conventional schools create is seen lacking in the online world of education. The personal touch that the offline ambience provides and helps an individual to grow academically as well as in growing with others lacks in the online studies. The online study module should be considered only if offline mode is unavailable, otherwise a big NO. She has also seen some students that start their entrepreneurial journey soon are not being able to cope with the set backs and challenges faced because of the specific skill set they lack. This can be avoided by going thoroughly through the specific course meant to enhance the skills. This types of incidents prove that knowledge and experience go hand in hand and one needs both to reach to heights of unmeasurable success.

Dr. Richa personally believes that passion is the first step to set the path and hard work is the key to definite success. It was passion towards the business market and her love for academics that she is living her best life. In life nothing comes easy. Every set back should be considered should be introspected for a better future as it sets a new beginning. She has her own philosophy in life which she even mentioned in the front page of her thesis while acknowledging everyone’s contribution. It goes like,

"Easy is right, Begin right, you are easy, Continue easy and you are right.. Right way to go easy is to forget that right way is going to be easy" - Dr. Richa Dahiya

Dr. Richa derives her source of inspiration from everyone who has supported her in her beautiful journey but at a professional level she thanks Shri Govind Hari Singhania, that it was because of his trust in her that she was given a chance to learn and prove her conscience right. Her driving force is the quote by Robert Frost which is inspiration to millions of people worldwide


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