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Digipple Is a Heaven For The Digital People

By : Profectus Magazine   /   24 Nov 2021  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Startup Story

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Ideas are very common, what makes you different is how well you execute it

The digital world exploded like a bomb when Jio launched in India, the common man felt like a child who was eager to learn and explore unlimited new opportunities online. Internet is a boon for those who use it appropriately, some of them are Siddharth Patel, Viraj Rajani, and Rushi Patel, Co-founders of Digipple.

Digipple is one of the best digital marketing agencies based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Founded 2.5 years back, Digipple is slaying it worldwide. With clients based in UK, US, and India, the company has done multiple projects with 37 brands. All this started when Siddharth wanted to do something different than others.

Siddharth Patel

Raised in Ahmedabad, Siddharth was a topper kid back in school. while he entered the college, he realized many more important things to focus on other than studying the same outdated courses. While everyone was studying Siddharth and Viraj were busy creating brands on internet. Siddharth says that I started working as an intern, managed events, and even had two failed startups before Digipple. Even after failing two times, this trio didn’t give up.

Talking about his Initial Startup days, Siddharth says that we were in college when Jio dropped the bomb on Indian Internet Service Provider companies. It gave a golden opportunity to college students like us to explore new things. We decided to start an E-Commerce business when we initially started. We tried to create our merchandise, reached out to the local markets, and sold T-shirts in bulk for very low prices. We created an online portal too but unfortunately failed in it. For the second startup, we tried out the real estate business similar to what 99acres or Magicbricks is now, but the only difference was that we were just two 19-year-old college students without any prior experience or knowledge, but that one also failed miserably.

Failure doesn’t mean full-stop to your story, a person is successful only when he keeps trying to succeed. As they said the third time is a charm, and it has been proved for Siddharth & his team. Siddharth says that during college days we took a pledge to “Never give up and keep trying until we succeed” and if something doesn't work then will think of having a plan B rather than quitting. We didn't want our career to be shape based on our education and exam results. It was never the goal, so we kept trying until we succeeded. In the second year of my college, I did a marketing internship and realized that marketing is the drug that I can fusion with my technological creativity. I did a diploma course from IIM Ahmedabad, and it just felt that I'm meant for it. So I mixed my marketing and technology interests and thus Digipple was created.

With Jio bringing the online revolution to India, the number of internet users kept increasing day by day. We are the people of the digital age, and our company intends to work around digital people, that’s how the acronym ‘Digipple’ cam to existence. When we asked, why any client should go for Digipple?

“There is one thing an agency hasn't given to clients that is empathy. We train every new joinee in our team to feel empathy towards the client and his business, just like it's their own business” - Siddharth Patel

As the client is spending his hard-earned money, the service should be provided as our own money is being spent.

Google News

The word empathy is so powerful creates a domino effect that carries out in our company. It reminds us to provide excellent support to our clients, no matter if it’s a small company or an MNC. They get to enjoy the service from multi-talented heads in our company along with the convenience of support equal to an in-house team. This means they communicate to us anytime with any problems even if it's not related to the service they've opted for. Our motto is to see every client as an investor, as their money helps us grow. If a VC or investor calls you by midnight, won't you receive it? Then why not a client's call, if you're awake? Many agencies have strict policies regarding client communication, but we are open to such policies to make every client feel special and comfortable.

Henry Ford once said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” During the pandemic, many companies were reluctant to pay for marketing. Many companies had shut down and Digipple also lost many clients. But they took the opportunity to brainstorm their clients with what they did wrong, how to overcome that and what should be the new approach. In May 2020, they started again irrespective of the situation. They showed positive growth for their clients even during the peak of the pandemic, which led to their hopes being high.

Digipple is a government-recognized start-up that is exempted from paying income tax for the initial 10 years of their business under the Startup India Scheme. Siddharth says that there are a lot of schemes in existence by the Government of India, but many start-ups and businesses are not aware of that. This modern-day government is always keen to help start-ups and small businesses in the country.

For the aspiring readers, Siddharth adds that never think “what you're doing is different from anyone else”. Ideas are very common, what makes you different is how well you execute them. Always believe in the process & executions and positive results will fall inline.


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