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Corporate gifting is the new way of marketing

By : Profectus Magazine   /   26 Dec 2021  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Startup Story

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Mohan Dhanush Founder of Scorpion Ventures OPC Private Limited

A balance between work and personal life is quite necessary. Otherwise, you’re stuck in a monotonous routine always under someone’s approval. Mohan Dhanush was one of the people who successfully broke through this cycle and got freedom in his Scorpion Ventures.

Being from a middle-class family, Mohan was always aspiring to do something within the country, maybe a new venture. His father was a cameraman in the movie industry, while his mother was a government employee. Dhanush did his graduation in Business Administration, Masters in Computer Application, and then PG in Cyber Law. He was a cyber security consultant till 2012. IT sector was paying well, but there was no work-life balance. Especially after his marriage, it was difficult to manage everything. So in 2012, he started to focus on something that wasn’t from IT

Dhanush always had an interest in marketing. So he started marketing services, where one of their divisions was corporate gifting, like merchandising. They used to sell on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flip-kart, and Snapdeal. But it was discontinued as the returned goods was increasing day by day without any fault. As the products were returning and It was costing a loss to Scorpion Ventures. So they started focusing more on the corporate sector and fortunately, it flourished well. Consumers were loyal to them as they provide good quality products at budget-friendly prices. Scorpion Ventures was registered as Private Limited around 4 years before, today they have 250+ corporate and 1000+ retail customers who buy online.

We were on the peak one time, had our ups and downs. The only drawback was that we had to stock up, and the products had to be shipped out of our facility in 48 hours. Sometimes 90 out 100 would sell, and we were left with the remaining ones. Says Dhanush

Taking about the difficulties they faced earlier, Dhanush said - In the initial five to six years the struggle was very bad. The returns especially were demotivating, as multiple departments were involved in it. We felt like online customers were taking us for granted, they didn’t understand the efforts sellers put into it. On either side, the corporate sector was very welcoming, we never had any issues except for courier delay. Other than there was no challenge, the last four years were a blessing for us. We closed down online retail services, now we focus just on corporate gifting. We came across all the odds. It was profitable and today consumers value us.

As the pandemic hit everything has gone online, but all our operations were already online. Sales didn’t drop for us during this period, didn’t suffer much. Every order we’ve ever received is either from references or through IndiaMART. We never made any outbound calls for sales or marketing. We now have entered social media, before that we didn’t have it. Our goal is to take corporate marketing to the next level.



Dhanush has some experience in Cyber law too. He says that it's not an easy job to do, cyber law is basic prevention. India is not a cyber graduate, even while he was trying to set up a Cyber Forensics Lab, the revenue model was unclear, the enquiries used to be of matrimonial checks or background checks, which was not appealing to setup a lab of that investment.


India doesn’t spend much on marketing, they bombard the customers with calls and emails. We never make the customer come to us, we always go to them. US businesses, first have a market development strategy when they come up with any idea. Any company that comes to India develops a marketing fund and creates brand awareness. We provide the best services, all we need is good products to roll out in market.

In 2012, my life was 80% was work and 20% was life, but today it is 60-40. It’s all about manifestation, manifest in your thoughts and goals, results would be fruit-bearing.

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