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BULBULL THAKKER - Emerging Content Creators to Watch in 2023

By : Ronak Parekh   /   20 Jan 2023  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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Influencers can quickly leave an impact on every mind that sees their content. However, there are very few stances where the influencer is authentic, and it becomes a task for people to be mindful about following someone. We came across one such influential person who profoundly impacts everyone who comes across her: BULBULL THAKKER. She is the right person to go to when it comes to FITNESS.

Bulbull holds a degree in chemical engineering and completed her masters in M.B.A. Currently, she lives in London, working full-time as a Management Consultant in a reputed company. Meanwhile, she also creates exciting content for her viewers in the health and fitness field. She is herself very passionate about being fit and, from time to time, encourages her audience to be healthy and happy too. Being an only child, her parents raised her with lots of love. Especially her mother, who captured all of Bulbull's birthdays since childhood in a photo album, and today all that is helping her to face the camera and record amazing content. However, her parents were apprehensive about specific topics like PTSD and menstrual cycles. But the amount of feedback and love she received, along with the social taboos that she addressed, made a definite change in the lives of her audience. Eventually, all this makes her parents feel so much proud today.

She is very modest and has some 194k followers on Instagram. She started her content creation journey during the lockdown, although she never planned to be a content creator. Initially, she used to create informational videos and post them on social media so she could document them; that is when she discovered the amount of love she began receiving from her audience. She decided to turn her Instagram account public and reach as many people as possible while creating content on the health and fitness subject. Women all over the globe and especially from India, would reach out to her and encourage her to post more such content.

Being consistent in creating content and spreading the proper knowledge on Health and fitness, many brands approached her for collaboration.However, for Bulbull, what matters the most is the validation of certain health products and supplements. She takes full responsibility for the content and gets it validated by a Nutritionist before refereeing any such products or protein  supplements. She believes it is essential to be authentic to the follower because the audience will know the truth someday. She tries to amalgamate content that her audience likes and the topics she wants to convey to the world.

The life of a content creator is more challenging than it seems, especially when you have to juggle career and passion. Bulbull tries to keep herself updated with the latest tools and trends and research the type of content the audience wants to see. Earlier, in some of her creations, she got significantly less engagement, but that did not deter her; instead, she brought it out and interacted with her followers. She Claims this method to be effective for the creator where you deliver what the audience wants. She emphasizes asking for certification from the nutritionist before following their prescribed diets or routine.
She is so committed to empowering the lives of females through her fitness videos, especially in 2023. She asks everyone on the fitness journey to have sustainable goals that lead to long-term effects, and the rest will follow. She wishes everyone to become a better version of themselves every day. Her spirit is unbreakable as she gets her inspiration from her dear dad, who taught her to be ready for any shortcomings in life. 


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