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AAKANKSHA MONGA- Emerging Content Creators to Watch in 2023

By : Profectus Magazine   /   19 Jan 2023  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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Over the past few years, many trends have changed, but traveling has stayed constant. Everyone on their long vacations now prefers to travel than to sit at home. The travel industry has noticed this paradigm shift and started capitalizing on it. Many people now want to go ahead with the passion and profession of traveling. In a country like India, female solo travelers are so complex and rare. This segment covers one such inspiring young woman who is out to capture the world and, with her experience, wants to help all people who backpack to have a safe and smooth experience. This wild heart is none other than Aakanksha Monga.

She has close to four lakh followers, who get inspired by her daily on the Instagram platform. Aakansha belongs to an army family; we can be confident of her courageous attitude toward life. As a young girl, she migrated to many cities due to her father’s posting, and This somewhere, led her to be comfortable with transitioning so quickly. 

During her college days, she used to travel a lot, share her experience, and pen down everything to help her near and dear ones in case they visit the same place. Her suggestions were so excellent that her friends also recommended her to other people so she could help them in planning out their itineraries.
With travel on her mind, she simultaneously managed her finances. With 5k as pocket money and dreams of millions, she had to find a middle ground where her passion was protected. And she did find success in cracking traveling as full-time work. She has always stayed camera friendly and found that her best self is enhanced in front of the lens. As a content creator, her most significant validation comes from her audience. They, according to her, are her most prominent critics and supporters. Sometimes some of the content may not get the expected response, but that does not let her down. She tries to look out for at least two positive things that people have mentioned in the comments. This is the driving force that keeps her going.

She constantly reminds herself of having a mindful purpose while creating content. Earlier it was hard to get accustomed to social media, but now that she does that regularly, the outpouring of love from her supporters helps her to pursue this dream of her with ease.
The best part of her journey is that she does not think of her followers as just mere numbers and takes pride in looking to her for travel ideas. She ensures that she stays connected to her audience through interactive sessions, filling the expectation gap. She very well realizes that the voice-over content on her feed has received love globally and intends to do more of it.
Her life as a content creator does not see weekends or weekdays, so she needs to schedule and manage her personal and family time. Discipline is the key feature of this journey of hers. In 2023 she wishes to challenge herself by traveling to tough and rough places that remain unexplored. She hopes to cover more topics on how to be financially free to travel the world.  
Stepping out of her comfort zones has been her daily dose of motivation. She sticks by these lines: ‘Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks grinning in the funeral’



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