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AADITYA IYENGAR- Emerging Content Creators to Watch in 2023

By : Ronak Parekh   /   19 Jan 2023  /   Entrepreneur Story /   Success Story

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Money is a subject that matters to everyone. It is bizarre that the  concepts of savings or investments are subjects that are essentials, but mainstream education barely covers it. Understanding basic finance at a young age can help create a better life. Because money may not be everything, but it is certainly most things. This segment is unique and covers the journey of Aaditya Iyengar, one of the prominent finance creators on Instagram.

Aaditya, from the start of his education, knew that he did not want to go with concepts of science or mathematics. So, he chose to pursue a degree in Economics. After completing his graduation, he discovered the CFA degree course. This course intrigued him as it is a highly detailed and specialised course of applied nature in finance. He is currently a level 2 candidate in the programme. He decided to create content around personal finance, investing and businesses and social awareness in order to reach the audience in ways that empower the viewer. 

Aaditya hails from an middle-class family who stays in Mumbai. His father was associated with an internet company earlier, so at an early age Aaditya was well versed with the internet boom in the coming years. Cut to 2020, the main trend he noticed was his peers earning less than what they spent. He realized that people need to learn more about how money makes money and why capital put to efficient uses at a young age is one of the best decisions for human beings. This incident further pushed him to research and create high value content that in his words “is explained like you’re 7 years old.”

As Aaditya used to create comedy content earlier, he already had a considerable follower base, but he chose to keep the finance side of things separate and continued being a creator in the comedy as well as education space. The content he posts is entirely curated and researched by him and is only deemed fit to post after he applies it practically in his daily routine. For Aaditya, trust is the number one priority; he ensures brand collaborations are fruitful and in the benefit of viewers because finance and education are entirely non negotiable spaces of life where misinformation or poorly researched brand endorsements can have drastic consequences on one’s financial future. Aaditya thinks that any content out on the internet has diversified users, so it becomes mandatory to analyze all aspects before posting. His advice for the new creators is to not to be upset if the content does not perform well as expected but recommends they should be patient and consistent in posting in the early days. Identifying the critical elements of any viral  post is a must. Trends would come and go, but the content that anyone posts should always be sustainable and relevant in the long run.

Aaditya’s parents are proud to see their son helping out all other people and making revenue from it. His impact on his audience’s everyday life pushes him to be a better version of himself. He envisions 2023 to be a year filled with upgraded knowledge and wishes to upgrade his content by at least 1000% His dose of motivation comes from cricketing legend Virat Kohli, whose recent comeback has taught him to keep going despite the shortcomings. 



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