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5 Cute and trendy Summer Swimwear Ideas

By : Bhoomi Thakkar   /   23 May 2022  /   Fashion /   Fashion Blog

Summer is here and so is our urge to visit beaches, pools, waterparks and for the preparation of your beach days and pool visits, we’ve got you covered! Go with the trends this year and fill our swimwear drawer with a lot more than just bikinis. Here are some amazing trends for summer 2020 to make you look stunning and hot on this warm weather. Don’t get surprised if people stare at you!

Bright solids

Summer is all about breezy and bright outfits. You definitely want to seek people’s attention while in the pool or a beach, the trends this year takes you to the most eye-popping colors in the entire palette. You want to choose neon colors, and easy to pull even if you’re pale. Be it blue, hot pink or peachy orange, you are surely going to pull off every color.

Ruffle bikini set

A cute bikini set won’t hurt anyone! Whether post drinks or just a walk by the beach, this set will look adorable! All you need is a high waist skirt or a loose-fit pant to cover up a bit and then you’re ready to go. You can go for a same color set or two different combinations of colors!

Shoulder tie bathing suit

This fit is everyone’s favorite, it allows you to be playful inside and outside the water. It looks flattering while still feeling fun. You canplay around the shoulder ties in your own ways to style it as you want, isn’t it fun? You can also take them off to avoid tan lines.

Cut-out swimsuit

Cut-outs have been a regular trend, whether it’s swimwear or ready-to-wear clothing…so if you haven’t invested in those yet, you might want to soon! Even if you do not want a lot of cuts, minimal cut-outs look super fancy too.

One-shoulder swimsuit

To give a more fancy look or highlight your body while in the beach, you can definetly go with single shoulder one-piece, you can also choose color blocks for your fit. This swimsuit is the best choice for your summer vacation.



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